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We offer a variety of services including:

  • Small Cell
  • Marketing and Management
  • Regulatory
  • Legal
  • Project Managment
  • Engineering
  • DAS
  • Consulting
  • Contract Negotiation With or for Property Owner
  • Site Survey and Design
  • Installation Services
  • Project Management & Contract Compliance
  • Indoor and Outdoor Stealthed Solutions
  • Latest Technology In-Building
  • The Wrong Way To Do It

    Example of poorly done wireless telecom system. A well designed Distributed Antenna System (DAS) avoids this eyesore.
  • Outdoor Stealthed Solutions

    Traditional outdoor solutions to inadequate cellular reception often are ugly tower structures that contribute to visual blight. Amplified Solutions is a leading distributed antenna systems company that is proud to offer turnkey services for stealthed outdoor antennas that are either flush with existing buildings, low profile, or disguised to fit in with area plant life.
  • Inbuilding Solutions

    In below-grade structures, high rises or around sophisticated equipment, the need for superior cellular coverage is increasingly important. Usually the problem is a result of a lack of a dominant signal in the area. Through an in-built system, the entire building is engineered on a grid and then hooked up to a state of the art computerized telecom system. These distributed antenna systems are wired throughout the building and are suitable for all types of buildings or structures, including tunnels, office buildings, stadiums and hospitals.