Depending on local ordinance, your building may be required to have a separate distributed antenna system dedicated to the radios utilized by first responders

    The engineering layout of a public safety oriented distributed antenna system is virtually the same as one of private cellular services. Read More

  • Private Cellular Distributed Antenna Systems

    In an era of smart buildings having a competitive advanced over buildings without it, the introduction of a private cellular distributed antenna system is a huge amenity for tenants, customers and guests. A private cellular distributed antenna system ensures perfect coverage inside large, tall, or subterranean buildings or where there are large numbers of people regularly gathering. These are commonly found in hospitals, office buildings, sports stadiums, convention centers, and more. Read More
  • Solutions for small cell, macro & rooftop antenna sites

    Amplified Solutions offers turnkey solutions for small cell, macro and rooftop antenna sites.  We handle installation from design through commissioning and can also handle the marketing of sites for such installations. Small Cells sites are at the cutting edge of 5G.  It is estimated that nearly half a million are currently needed across the United States. Rooftop antennas are essentially cell towers without the tower. Macro sites are placed in carefully selected areas and come in a manner of styles. Read More
  • Consulting Services

    We regularly work with all U.S. wireless telecommunications companies and have relationships with the majority of the equipment suppliers in the industry. We help our clients to understand the regulatory framework both on a federal, state and local level. Read More
  • Outdoor Stealthed Solutions

    Cell towers don't have to be ugly. For aesthetic reasons, circumstances may dictate that you disguise your cell tower to mimic area surroundings, including trees, historical structures, and/or master plan themes. In some cities, these are required by law. The image to the left is a Monopine that we installed at the DTE Energy Music Theater outside Detroit to blend in with the pine forest. Read More