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The Amplified Solutions team members were among the early industry pioneers involved in shaping the multi-carrier concept and business model that is commonly discussed at Telecom conventions.
The Amplified Solutions team has strong industry experience in the negotiation, design, build and integration of distributed antenna systems . Founder Rob Todd has chaired regulatory bodies with jurisdiction over the wireless industry, negotiated hundreds of contracts, and has managed dozens of projects with hospitals, professional sports stadiums, outdoor venues, convention centers, hotels and more. The Amplified Solutions team also includes former employees of major wireless carriers with engineering, project management and construction backgrounds. Amplified Solutions represents a change in how companies finance and build wireless distributed antenna systems. In short, Amplified Solutions re-engineers large structures into their own cellular tower which only serves occupants. The distributed antenna system is integrated into the building and is nearly invisible to the casual visitor both inside and outside the structure. We utilize preferred contractors where possible, and our diversity program is second to none. The added value we bring is that we act on behalf of the property owner at all times so you maintain control of the process by having a team with significant industry experience at your service rather than trusting carriers with their own self-interests to represent yours. Because you remain in charge, your risk of having substandard equipment or a system installed which cannot be readily accessed by all wireless carriers is negligible. We maintain excellent relations with all wireless carriers so all sides are served to their satisfaction. We are pleased to announce Amplified Solutions was recently named one of the 100 fastest growing companies in Houston.
  • Rob Todd founded Amplified Solutions (a distributed antenna systems company) in 2003. He came to the telecommunications industry through the regulatory and business management side through his role as the Chairman of the Regulatory Affairs Committee for the City of Houston where he co-wrote the city's cellular tower ordinance and presided over proposed changes to the rates charged by telecommunication firms. He holds a doctorate in jurisprudence and has a twenty year history as an attorney and business manager in contract negotiation, drafting and compliance. He currently chairs the Tower Permit Commission for the City of Houston which has jurisdiction over 578 square miles in Southeast Texas. Amplified Solutions solely is involved in non-tower business solutions.
  • John hails from Indiana where he has a twenty-year history in business management and sales support. He is a graduate of Hanover College and has extensive experience in the telecommunications manufacturing, distribution and retail industry. He is a regular speaker and instructor in marketing management and sales through his outside firm Sales Intervention & Training.